lundi 7 juillet 2008

what's new in Line Driver ?

Hi, I am one of the people working on Line Driver behind the scene....the coder
I wanted to expose some of the improvements achieved on the last version, but for those not too fond of technical aspects, you may jump straight to the second part of the post which is a challenge I sent, based on a meccano-like track.

While coding these improvements, I have focused my efforts on optimizations and gameplay, trying to squeeze every single byte, frame per second, or CPU cycle and to offer the best gaming experience even on older computers. The first round of optimization had led to a very significant framerate increase, but unfortunately the bitmap rasterization method we used increased memory occupation as well, especially on very large tracks.
That's why we are back with a lighter version, with slightly returned cars, more forgiving lawn, and wider tracks for a more pleasant drive. Keep on checking pictogame and the line driver official blog because there's more improvements to come, but now it's time to let the timer speak : are you a real pilot or just another Sunday driver ?