mardi 27 mai 2008

Challenge your friends!

Among the new functionalities we have recently implemented on Line Driver, the challenge might be the most important one in terms of gameplay and virality. It's now possible to challenge your friends with your best lap time by sending them an email directly from the game. So they can race against your best ghost car, beat you and challenge you in return.

For this purpose we now have to save every challenger ghost car on our servers and we made it possible to embed a game with a challenge on a blog. According to me the experience is really fun fun but we can do even better. We're going to improve it within a few days by adding the name of the challenger over the ghost car and messages from the anchorman to prompt you to beat your challenger.

I hope the challenge will help to boost the virality of our Line Driver!

For those who want to challenge me, you can try to beat my best lap time on this race inspired by a Mario Kart SNES track.

Have fun!

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