lundi 23 juin 2008

A selection of cool circuits

Today I'd like to share with you a selection of cool racetracks I've created for Line Driver. They are sorted from the easiest one to the most difficult; the last one is pretty hard I think :) And by the way, you can challenge me on all of them! Don't hesitate to leave your challenges URL in the comments.

Have fun!

1. Mario Kart: Mushroom Cup
Let's start with an easy one...

2. Track for beginners
This one is also pretty simple but the challenge is harder.

3. Two loops
A medium difficulty track with two loops, watch out for the double bend. C'mon you can beat me!

4. Hard track
Things are getting more and more complicated!

5. Ultra-complicated track
For experts only ;) Good luck!

lundi 2 juin 2008

A new track editor for Line Driver

Today I'd like to present the new functionalities of the latest Line Driver track editor. Our concern was at the same time to improve the creative experience and keep the ease of use of the tool.

As you can see, seven icons were added on the left side of the drawing tool. Let's see what we can do with them:

  • Pencil tool
    Click to add a point, click and drag to move a point, double click on a point to remove it.

  • Hand tool:
    The Hand tool is very useful to create large tracks. Select it or just hold the space bar and drag the set to move it.

  • Zoom in/out:
    It allows to be very precise when you want to tune your track. We also add the start lane and the car on the first stretch of the track.

  • Enlarge/narrow track:
    Change the width of the road to create easy or more difficult racetracks.

  • Trash tool:
    To delete a track and start a new one from scratch.

It's now possible to create very long and complicated racetracks, and why not, tracks inspired by real circuits. Here's an example of an "ultra-complicated" track I've created.

If you want to challenge me on this track just follow the link :)